Welcome to Shenaz Trading Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Shenaz Trading Pte Ltd, despite a humble beginning in 1979, is one of the fastest growing enterprises in Singapore and in the global arena. The flagship company was established by Mr. Feroz Kassim Olia in 1979, exporting spices to the Maldives, Yemen and East Africa. An entrepreneurial vision coupled with lofty ambitions and hard work set the pace for the growth of the company. Adherence to world-class quality standards and a customer centric approach has helped the Shenaz Group harvest overseas investment opportunities.

The journey from being a trusted trading house to a diversified corporation is fast, yet memorable. Today, the Shenaz Trading business portfolio is a diverse, yet profitable assortment of Spices, Logistics, Building Materials, Furniture & Finishings and Steel Hardware. Its growth has been organic leading to a synergy among its business units, making them more productive and competitive together.

Our Background

Shenaz Trading is an entrepreneurially driven enterprise – thinking innovatively in all aspects of the business, from technological to commercial. We are intensely competitive in whatever we do, by constantly achieving the benchmarks set by us.

From the beginning, our values have driven all the activities of the Shenaz Group. They are central to our operations worldwide and will continue to be at the core of all our businesses.

We deliver on all our promises. We support our decisions and actions with conviction. We think laterally and never fight shy of embracing big ideas.

Our Present

Shenaz Trading is in its most glorious phase ever and we are excited about its future. As we potentiate our capabilities, expand our operations, we are standing at a locus of domestic and global possibilities, that we are destined to reap.

Today is a world that is constantly demanding bigger and better products and services. We have everything going for us…excellent relationships with our trade partners and big ambitious goals. But more than anything else, we have the right people and the right leadership.